We Knife Co. Nerv Balisong Comb

Balisongs, also known as butterfly knives, are some of the most unique, mesmerizing, and dangerous folding knives in the world. They’re also illegal to carry in many places — an unfortunate truth for anyone wishing to learn balisong tricks. But We Knife Co. has come up with a compromise in their new Nerv butterfly knife trainer comb.

Made from solid 6Al4V titanium, this beautiful piece of everyday carry is lightweight, durable, corrosion resistant, and (most importantly) perfectly legal to carry anywhere. That latter bit is because it completely lacks a blade, replacing it instead with a hair comb. Still, minus its cutting ability, it functions the same as other premium balisongs — meaning it’s the perfect training tool, fidget toy, and grooming device all-in-one. Measuring up at 9.8″ overall, this titanium comb also features ultra-smooth ceramic ball-bearings in the pivot, a titanium pocket clip, and comes in two finishes — champagne or gray. Pricing is set at $198.

Purchase: $198