The WD_Black Drive Offers Up To 12TB Of Video Game Storage

Gaming has become one of society’s favorite pastimes; as such, the growth of the virtual world, and the technology used to create it has grown exponentially. With the need for larger hard drives becoming all the more prevalent, one of the industry’s leading proprietors, Western Digital, has answered the call with a capable new line of gaming-oriented storage units dubbed the WD_Black.

Western Digital’s WD_Black collection brings a diverse array of sizes, options, and capacities to the table for the modern gamer — but that doesn’t mean they’re outside the realm of conventional use. From traditional HDDs that can be found in sizes all the way up to 12TB, to blazing-fast SSD variants that boast up to 2TB of archivable memory, there’s no shortage of adaptable options to house your most important data. The collection is comprised of both PC- and Xbox-savvy drives, making these stealthy enclosures a must-have for any true completionist. Head to Western Digital’s website for information on the groundbreaking units, or pick one up for $90+.

Purchase: $90+