Wazer Desktop Waterjet Cutter

Ask any geologist and they’ll be the first to tell you about the magnificent forces of water, eroding and reshaping our landscapes day-by-day. Therefore it only makes sense that utilizing the compound in any workshop would be quite useful. Introducing the Wazer Desktop Waterjet Cutter, which allows you to cut any material with precision using high-pressure water.

The Wazer is the first water jet that can fit on any workshop desk. And when they claim it can cut any material, they mean any material. From aluminum to glass to stone to steel and carbon fiber, there’s nothing it can’t cut. The piece requires no ventilation, leaves no material warping from excessive heat, and achieves an intricately detailed cut every time. The Wazer works by combining abrasive “garnet” with an extremely high-pressure water stream. The mixture exits the nozzle at high speeds, slicing through whatever material is in its path. And not to worry, Garnet is non-toxic and disposable leaving you guilt-free and proud of your day’s work . It’s currently on Kickstarter and is set to retail for $6,000. [Purchase]