Wavegarden Surf Park

Dec 4, 2019

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Surfing is a common hobby for many fellow San Diego natives here in California, but there are parts of the world that don’t get the pleasure of participating in the water-based action sport. Fret not though would-be surf pros, Wavegarden surf parks are getting ready to launch all around the world.

The team at Wavegarden have used their Basque mountain valley facility in Spain to develop wave generation systems. The surfing lagoon is capable of creating 120 waves per hour, with two identical waves breaking simultaneously left and right every 60 seconds. The perfectly formed tubing waves are currently the longest artificial waves in existence offering up rides up to 20 seconds long, and the technology has been proven to make waves of any size and length, all depending on the size of the lagoon where the patented hydrodynamic “wave foil” technology is implemented. The original research development site is not open to the public, but there are plans to launch these Wavegarden parks in the near future. Check out the video below.

Wavegarden Surf Park 2

Wavegarden Surf Park 3

Wavegarden Surf Park 4

Wavegarden Surf Park 5

Wavegarden Surf Park 6

Wavegarden Surf Park 7

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