Watershot Pro Housing Kit for iPhone

Water shouldn’t limit your creative capacity, it should expand it. These Watershot cases for the iPhone 5 and 6 series are perfect for letting you explore and push boundaries.

With the ability to perform at depths of up to 195 feet underwater, these professional grade camera housings will keep your phone dry and operational through almost anything. The kit comes with two large optical quality glass lens ports for flat and wide angle attachments to further improve your photos, and an ergonomic grip so you can keep a solid hold in the wet and the waves. The housing also comes with a metal plate that enables you to attach it to almost any GoPro mount. Along with all this tough hardware, the case is built to be used with the integrated Watershot App, offering up a bevy of shooting modes. You can pick one up for $190. [Via: Bless This Stuff]
Purchase: $190

Watershot Pro Housing Kit 2

Watershot Pro Housing Kit 3

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Watershot Pro Housing Kit 5

Watershot Pro Housing Kit 6