Waternest 100 by Giancarlo Zema

Dec 4, 2019

Category: Living

When you’re really looking to be immersed in nature, there are few options that rival the awesomeness of the Waternest 100, an eco-friendly floating house designed by renowned Italian Giancarlo Zema.

The home was designed to adapt to the ever changing world and rising water levels, and was built in collaboration with London’s EcoFloLife. The residence is 98 percent recyclable, and was constructed using both recycled timber and a recycled aluminum hull. The dwelling spans 1,000 square feet and includes a large covered balcony and windows to let in plenty of natural light. A massive solar panel spans the entire roof, helping to power everything within the residence The home took several years to design, and right now merely serves as a concept rendering for future projects.

Waternest 100 by Giancarlo Zema 2

Waternest 100 by Giancarlo Zema 3

Waternest 100 by Giancarlo Zema 5

Waternest 100 by Giancarlo Zema 6

Waternest 100 by Giancarlo Zema 7

Waternest 100 by Giancarlo Zema 8

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