Waterlovt Houseboat by Belvari Marine

Jul 7, 2016

Category: Living

We suppose the number of floating homes popping up as of late should worry us just a bit. What kind of future does that suggest? A very wet one perhaps, but if the Waterlovt is any indication, it also heralds a very design-forward one.

With up to four different highly customizable models being offered by the world renowned boat builder based out of Holland, these homes manage to offer all of the amenities you’d expect on dry land. The smallest of the four offers 295 square feet of indoor space, two bedrooms, 8 foot ceilings, a deck, and a basement for storage while the largest boasts nearly 800 square feet of indoor space, four bedrooms, and two floors. Every model comes with the option of a desalination plant so you can make your own clean water, and even a digester that turns waste into energy. Outside of these technical features, these homes are simply beautifully designed. Like a kind of modern take on the craftsman style for the waves, they all feature large porches and are made with a nice light wood. When the floods come, we’d like to ride it all out in one of these. Prices are available on request.

Waterlovt by Belvari Marine 0

Waterlovt by Belvari Marine 5

Waterlovt by Belvari Marine 4

Waterlovt by Belvari Marine 2

Waterlovt by Belvari Marine 1

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