WaterBrick Stackable Water Containers

Good design goes unnoticed, but great design can change the world. Taking something as simple as the vessel drinking water is carried in, then pushing the design beyond conventional thought, has brought us the WaterBrick.

Conceived as a challenge from the son of illustrious oceanographer Jacques Cousteau, WaterBrick founder Wendell Adams sought to extend the life cycle of his water container by engineering it to do more. With a wide mouth lid and easy to carry handle, the plastic container is also a fantastic food storage bin, giving double duty to the container. The genius of the WaterBrick, however, is its interlocking shape which allows the used jugs to be stacked for storage, and after serving their intended purpose, can be used for the construction of shelters in remote areas that building materials are scarce. Manufactured in the US, the WaterBrick is available in 3.5 or 1.6 gallon sizes and a variety of colors that will suit any utilitarian need.

Purchase: $30+