Wall Scrabble by Restoration Hardware

Nov 12, 2014

Category: Living

If you’ve ever played Scrabble, you’ve also had at least one massive, grudge-holding argument — “Lisa, honey… for the 10th time, ‘Shmergenfergen’ is not a word!”

So why not play Scrabble on a board big enough to match your blowouts? Wall Scrabble ($1,495) takes the classic spelling game to new heights and widths, giving you a beautiful 80″W x 3″D x 59″H wall-mounted board to play on. It features a solid wood frame and trim, letter tiles and tile racks, with strong magnets to keep each letter in its respective square, and a fabric bag for the letter tiles. The vintage graphics are based on the original 1949 edition, and the built-in chalkboard lets you keep track of the score—and thus determine the winner of the next argument. [Purchase]

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