Wahoo’s ROAM Is The World’s Most Intuitive GPS Bike Computer

Bike computers can be an excellent way to track your statistics on a ride, but they’re extremely useful when it comes to navigating if they’re equipped with GPS. Unfortunately, most of them have an unnecessarily difficult learning curve that makes them extremely frustrating to use. The folks at Wahoo Fitness think they have an answer to that problem, however, with their ELEMNT ROAM GPS bike computer.

Made specifically for off-the-beaten-path exploration, the ROAM is an evolutionary step up from the brand’s highly-lauded BOLT, taking everything that was great about its predecessor and significantly upgrading it — making this the brand’s most powerful and intuitive computer to date. For instance, it’s a larger unit with the brand’s first full-color display (under Gorilla Glass, no less), yet it still weighs just 3.3 ounces. It has loads of handy navigational features that will help keep you on your planned paved route or help you map out a new mountain bike trail. It even features Singletracks and MTB Project app integration. And yes, that also means this bike computer features both iOS and Android compatibility, so you can pair it with your smartphone for even simpler operation. Get one now for $380.

Purchase: $380