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VZR’s Affordable Hi-Fi 3D Gaming Headphones Are Future-Proof

While video games are certainly having a moment right now, there are some downsides that come with it — especially regarding technology. You see, progress is so swift nowadays that much of the technology developed today will be obsolete in only a year or two. And that makes investing in high-end gear a touch worrisome. However, the folks at VZR are trying to fix that with their “future-proof” Model One gaming headphones.

What really sets these closed-back headphones apart is that they benefit from a proprietary technology called CrossWave that focuses on acoustically shaping emerging sounds — offering audiophile-level, hi-fi quality that isn’t dependent upon soon-to-be-obsolete digital tech. Even more, the brand claims these cans are the result of years of meticulous research and engineering for best-in-class 3D spatial audio — rivaling the audio quality of headphones that are several times more expensive and giving gamers an unheard-of level of immersion and accuracy. Compatible with everything from gaming consoles to mobile devices, the VZR Model One gaming headphones can be preordered now for $349.

Purchase: $349