Venier Modernizes A ’60s-Era Motorcycle Built For The Italian Army

The ’60s-era Moto Guzzi Nuovo Falcone Militare is a classic bike with timeless design elements that still inspire bike builders today. Inspired by the vintage Nuovo Falcone, the VX Falcone Motorcycle By Venier Motorcycles is a contemporary revision that still preserves the essence of the retro ride.

The beautiful body is handcrafted from aluminum and has a redesigned minimalist dashboard, mixing original controls with a digital GPS-enabled speedometer for a retro-modern vibe. It’s powered by a fully rebuilt engine with a new wiring harness, and features LED front and taillights, an electric start, a faux leather seat, and various custom parts, including dirt bike bars. The slick motorcycle also has a murdered-out muffler from mass Moto, as well as a pair of Metzeler Perfect ME 77 tires. And it’s finished in a charcoal black and gray colorway with gold details for a bold, yet elegant aesthetic. Originally built for the Italian military, this bike is now a modern, sleek ride for cruising through the city.

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