VW Beetle Roadster 2.7 by Claus Memminger

A one time a successful Le Mans driver in the 80s, Claus Memminger has since shifted his attention towards his very own passion project – restoring and upgrading old Volkswagen Beetles. It all started back in 1998 while helping a friend restore his old VW. Since then, he specializes in Beetle mania for several of his favorite models.

This one in particular mimics what Memminger himself would hope to find on the streets today if VW were to create a Roadster version of a classic cabriolet model. This new and sleek build is based on the standard 8 ft wheelbase but now with a mid-mounted 210 HP 2.7-liter fuel-injected engine. This powerplant, combined with the car’s incredibly lightweight 1,760 lb makeup, allows it to top out at over 125 mph on the open road. No infotainment or digital screens are present either – something which, Memminger hopes, will facilitate undistracted appreciation of the driver’s surroundings and what now lies under the hood. [H/T: Auto Classics]
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