Vulpine Tailored Rain Trousers

You’ve seen the weather report consistently predicting a big storm for about a week now, so you walked out the door in the morning wearing a rain jacket and big umbrella thinking you were prepared. The thing you didn’t expect, however, is that the rain was going to be going sideways and that the 5 block walk to work would leave your pants soaking wet even though the rest of you is bone dry. If this sounds at all familiar to you, you should take a moment to look over Vulpine’s Tailored Rain Trousers.

Primarily designed for bike commuters, these slacks are surprisingly sharp looking for how versatile they are. Cut from the brand’s proprietary ‘Italian Epic Cotton’ they are both water and wind resistant, while also managing to be breathable. Rare, even for the cycling world. Whether you are a bike commuter looking for a solid pair of trousers to wear in to work, or someone searching for attractive rainy day solutions, we think these pair are well worth your hard earned dough. Prices start at $187. [H/T: BlessThisStuff]

Purchase: $187