VUFF Dog Leash And Collar

Despite the fact that over sixty million households in the U.S. own dogs, there are relatively few options when it comes to collars and leashes. Aaron Lown of VOFF is attempting to change this dynamic with his Unleash and Collarless designs.

Both of these products are constructed with a unique braided microfilament material that is lightweight and strong while also managing to be stain-proof, breathable, and quick drying. But the innovation doesn’t stop at the choice in material. For easily sliding a collar on and off your dog, no matter the size, VOFF developed a special Wedgelock system. This development makes it so you can adjust the fixed loop to any size, and then lock it securely into place. And for when your puppy grows to a full-sized dog? The loop can adjust accordingly. As for the leash, it has a coaxial design on the handle for a secure and easy hold while going on walks. All things said a brilliant, simple design we’re sure to see more of in dog parks across the U.S.

Kickstarter: $40+