Vuarnet Nightlynx Sunglasses

Corey Hart would be proud. Now, you can finally get away with wearing sunglasses at night thanks to Vuarnet’s new Nightlynx line of shades that are specifically designed for amplifying low light or nighttime conditions. The best part? They’re also quite stylish to boot.

It’s all made possible via their proprietary lenses boasting a bi-degraded silver mirror treatment and a multilayer anti-reflective coating on the internal face. Combined, they eliminate glare, improve contrast, and distance perception while driving in early morning fog or at dusk. Also, for those night owls out there, the Nightlynx line is purposed to block 100% harmful blue light so you can freely sport them with a purpose from behind the DJ booth. Each of the five styles all feature yellow lenses set against handsome matte black frames that are sure to fire up any level of evening apparel with authority. Available now.

Purchase: $225+