VSSL Unveils A Rugged Portable Coffee Grinder For The Great Outdoors

Designed and manufactured in Canada, VSSL (pronounced “Vessel”) is one of the most innovative players in today’s camping and outdoor gear space offering numerous compact kits that fit neatly inside military-grade aluminum cylindrical housing featuring a built-in multi-mode 200-lumen LED flashlight, a watertight stash capsule, and other handy integrated elements. VSSL’s latest offering is the Java, an on-the-go kit for off-grid coffee lovers.

Like VSSL’s Camp Supplies, Flask, or First Aid Kit, the Java is built around the company’s signature aluminum tube and is backed by a lifetime warranty. A screw-down carabiner clip with a 200lb test weight folds up when unscrewed to become a handle to work the Java’s internal 20-gram capacity grinder. Weighing only 360 grams (or 0.8lbs), the Java boasts best-in-class stainless steel burrs guided by dual high-grade mini radial ball bearing sets, and an adjustable dial on the bottom affords the grinder 30 different settings, ranging from coarse to fine. VSSL is currently launching the Java through a Kickstarter campaign — that’s already reached its funding goal several times over — with an early-bird special starting from as low as $99. For more info, check out the link to the VSSL Java Kickstarter campaign below.

Kickstarter: $99+