VOX Built Hi-Fi Headphones That Are Actually Guitar Amps In Disguise

Since its introduction in 1958, the VOX AC30 amplifier has been widely and consistently praised for its warm tones and unmistakably vintage sound. Now, some 63 years later, VOX has launched its VGH Series headphone range — a high-end lineup of headphones with AC30-inspired guitar amplifiers built-right-in.

The new headphone lineup is comprised of three models; the VGH AC30; the VGH Bass; and the VGH Rock. Each of the three models features a set of 40mm drivers with a 97dB sound pressure level, a 49-ohm impedance, and a frequency range of 20Hz to 20kHz, though each model offers its own unique sonic variations. These dynamic, closed-air headphone units are custom-made and tuned by Audio-Technica, and allow the user to plug the headphones directly into their guitar while still receiving the benefit of the built-in amplifier. These semi-wireless headphones are powered by a pair of AAA batteries which afford 16 hours of playback time. Scheduled for a release in March of 2021, the VOX VGH Series Guitar Amplifier Headphones start at $100.

Purchase: $100+