Vortic’s Military Edition Watches Are Made From Authentic WWII Variants

When it comes to the industry’s finest military-inspired gear, a handful of examples are just that — military “inspired.” It’s not often that a company goes out of its way to procure the real thing. Luckily, Vortic has an eye for historic timepieces, reclaiming, and reconstituting a selection of vintage variants for its newest “Military Edition” lineup.

At the start of World War II, the AN5740-1 pocket watch was issued to soldiers to keep track of time while in the field. When it debuted, three of the era’s most prolific watchmakers were approached to manufacture the example — Elgin, Waltham, and Hamilton — all of which were contracted to create their own unique timekeeper. Now, in an attempt to revive the iconic military device, Vortic has secured 50 authentic items to be put through the company’s stringent restoration process. Each AN5740-1 watch will be outfitted with a precision-cut 49mm titanium case and restored movement, bringing them back to their former glory. On the watch’s exterior, custom, handcrafted glass from White’s Crystal has been implemented to keep its internal components visible and safe, while a transparent Corning Gorilla Glass case back allows for a mesmerizing view of the wristwear’s complex inner workings. To round things out, you’ll be able to choose a strap that’s been crafted from either vintage canvas duffles or a repurposed service uniform. Each of the limited-to-50 examples will retail for $4,995.

Purchase: $4,995