The Ultralight Voronoi 3D Bicycle Helmet Is Breathable & Super Protective

Over the years, we’ve seen our fair share of outlandish helmets. Lately, however, protective accessories have taken on a new identity through innovations in 3D printing and design. Zhecheng Xu and Yuefeng Zhou’s Voronoi 3D Bicycle Helmet is one such example, boasting a seamless integration of parametric techniques, bionic qualities, and structural integrity.

To keep the helmet as innovative as possible, the team has introduced an eye-catching silhouette inspired by Voronoi patterns within nature. As a primary characteristic of shells and bones from animals, the structure has been proven to provide exceptional resistance against adverse forces, as well as direct impacts that might cause traditional 3D protective systems to crumble under the pressure. Instead, the Voronoi’s porous, web-like characteristics help to shield it from central impact, spreading it to other areas of the helmet for a more stable distribution of force. Due to its unique design, the helmet was issued an A’ Design Award in 2019, putting it on the map for innovative safety manufacturers around the world. Head to A’ Design’s website for a closer look.

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