Von Holzhausen’s Luxe Eco Leather Might Be Better Than The Real Thing

There are a number of faux leather materials on the market today, but none adequately match the look and feel of the real thing. That’s a problem because the livestock and leather tanning industries are two of the biggest contributors to global warming. But a company called Von Holzhausen may have finally found a suitable leather replacement with their proprietary Technik-Leather material.

Von Holzhausen has released a seven-piece men’s collection made of Technik-Leather, and it promises to not only look and behave like true leather but even offers some improvements. The material consists of five layers: a woven fiber layer for a supple hand feel, a microfoam layer that mimics skin’s natural properties, a resin layer that copies the textured look of leather without using harmful toxins, a protective surface layer that repels stains, water, and scratches, and a suede-like lining made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. The result is a luxe, leather-like fabric that’s lightweight, durable, and has a much smaller carbon footprint than genuine leather. The Von Holzhausen men’s collection consists of a backpack, tote, duffel, laptop sleeve, watch strap, belt, and wallet, all of which are available to order now through the company’s website.

Purchase: $95+