Volvo LifePaint

As the original developers of the three-point seatbelt, it’s safe to say that Volvo knows a thing or two about safety. The Swedish automotive maker proves that safety is still a top priority for the brand as they introduce LifePaint.

Teaming up with both Grey London and Albedo100, Volvo was able to create an ultra-reflective spray coating that can easily be applied to any surface, making it more visible in darkness. Whether it’s the metallic frame on your commuter bike or the fabrics of your backpack or jacket, LifePaint works on any nearly any surface or material. Once applied, it’s invisible by day, but gives off a vibrant glow when under a direct light source after sundown – like car headlights for instance. Similar to 3M material currently used on cycling gear throughout the globe, Volvo is hoping this product will help save lives everywhere. And as if the product wasn’t already awesome enough, the brand plans on giving away 2,000 cans of LifePaint for free, distributed by six cycle shops throughout London.