Vollebak’s First Brick & Mortar Retailer Is The Most Remote Store On Earth

In Vollebak’s relatively short history, it’s managed to deliver a steadily-growing catalog of cutting-edge garments that call on novel sustainable materials and manufacturing techniques. Though over the course of Vollebak’s existence, its wares have only been available online through the company’s website, however, this is now changing with Vollebak’s first-ever stockist, the Tjukayirla Roadhouse in Western Australia’s Great Victoria Desert.

More than 160 miles from its closest neighbor and 750 miles from the closet city, the Tjukayirla Roadhouse is unequivocally the most remote store on the planet. On top of being remote, this locale is also extremely unforgiving, and it was for this reason that Vollebak opted to make it its first brick and mortar retailer, as the brand aims to highlight its clothing’s conduciveness to the planet’s most extreme and hostile locations. To commemorate the occasion, Vollebak has also released a special “Grey-Green” edition of its Planet Earth Shirt, which is available exclusively at the Tjukayirla Roadhouse. Vollebak also aims to continue this endeavor and is now looking for its next remote location to become its second stockist. For more info on the project or the special edition shirt you can visit Vollebak’s website linked below.

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