Vollebak’s Glow-In-The-Dark Jacket Keeps You Warm Even In -20°C Temps

If you’ve been keeping tabs on Vollebak, you’ll know that the brand produces some of the world’s most formidable outdoor garments. Durability aside, the outfit is always pushing the boundaries of outerwear, integrating new techniques, technologies, and materials to make their garments more groundbreaking than ever before. The Solar Charged Puffer is a testament to that fact.

While it might not be as bombastic as some of the other outlandish models in the company’s lineup, the Solar Charged Puffer is a dialed-back addition that boasts its own unique character. During the day, the coat establishes itself as a common — albeit, cleanly-contrived — puffer that calls upon a utilitarian, three-layer waterproof fabric, reinforced detailing, and insulation to keep wearers protected from temperatures as low as -20°C. What makes the jacket so special, however, is its ability to absorb light from the surrounding environment. Whether you’re illuminating it with a flashlight or wearing it during a sunny afternoon outdoors, this nylon ripstop wonder is storing energy for use in the darker hours of the day, taking on a kryptonite-inspired hue once everything fades to gray. Head to Vollebak’s website to learn more about the jacket; while you’re there, you’ll be able to join a waiting list to acquire an example of your own.

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