Vollebak’s Plant & Algae T-Shirt Biodegrades 100% In 12 Weeks

There’s been a huge movement, especially in the outdoor community, to utilize processes and create gear that’s more eco-conscious and friendly to the environment. And while leaps and bounds have been made, there’s still a long way to go. But the folks at Vollebak, in typical fashion, has just taken another major step forward with their Plant and Algae T-Shirt.

You see, this t-shirt — which looks like a typical, traditional short-sleeved top — is actually made entirely out of renewable biological matter, including a colorful dye made from algae and fabric created from eucalyptus, beech, and spruce wood pulp that was broken down and spun into yarn. And while that construction itself is notably more eco-friendly than chemical-based processes, there’s an even bigger added benefit. According to Vollebak, this shirt was designed to be returned to the soil and can, in fact, completely biodegrade in just 12 weeks — turning into worm food that helps enrich said soil. The shirt is priced at $110, but you’ll have to sign up on the brand’s waiting list if you want to get ahold of one.

Purchase: $110