Vollebak Planet Earth Hoodie

Twin brothers Nick and Steve Tidball have relied on the innovative use of science and technology to build an outdoor clothing company like none that have come before, with an attention to detailed design that even NASA would respect. And while their Planet Earth Hoodie doesn’t sound like a mad scientist’s creation, its built-from-scratch Italian fabric combines two of the world’s softest substances — ultra-fine Australian Merino wool and brushed fleece — to create an even softer material that stretches in every direction with fibers that respond and adapt to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

With a design that matches the versatility of the fabric, this hoodie is perfect for any environment. It features a hinged visor with a large collar to protect your face from sweltering dust storms or freezing winds, a naturally water-repellent wax coating treatment, a sweat-wicking interior with super fast evaporation, and concealed windproof thumb holes for the perfect fit when used as a base layer or with gloves.

Purchase: $295