Vollebak Ocean Shorts

Vollebak hasn’t been around for long, but the London-based outdoor brand has been busy at work reinventing just about every article of clothing from the t-shirt to the hoodie from the get-go. Up next on the docket? Swim trunks. Introducing the Vollebak Ocean Shorts.

Built to be both the most comfortable and versatile in the world, these shorts are made from a virtually seamless laser cut high stretch fabric. That means no matter what you are doing – whether hiking, stand up paddle boarding, or wake boarding – nothing will chafe. Along with the high-end fabric, the shorts have a strip of silicone along the waistband as well as drawstrings for keeping your shorts on even in rough surf. And as far as waterproofing goes? Rather than using fluorocarbons to make the water roll off the shorts, Vollebak opted for a plant-based technology to make the water roll right off the surface. The shorts are currently available on the brand’s website.

Purchase: $245