Vollebak’s Nomad Range Is Made From The Rarest, Lightest, & Strongest Wool

The use of incredibly innovative, sustainably-sourced materials and construction techniques have always been characterizing hallmarks of Vollebak since the brand’s inception in 2016. And the company’s latest release continues this MO, with the debut of a highly-versatile collection composed of the rarest, lightest, softest, and strongest Merino wool on the planet.

Dubbed the “Nomad” range, the new collection is made up of a crewneck sweater and a shawl-collared hoodie — both of which are made from black Merino sheep wool that’s sourced from New Zealand and made in Loro Piana, Italy. Handcrafted in the UK, these items sport a five-gauge knit, are completely devoid of any dyes. Wool from white sheep can easily be dyed, which has made it the standard in the garment and textile industries, and also made black sheep immensely rare. What’s more, the unique black Merino construction boasts a myriad of special natural properties including being quick-drying, thermoregulating, breathable, odor-resistant, moisture-wicking, and insulating. Available now, the Vollebak Nomad Range starts at $495.

Purchase: $495+