This Vollebak Trench Coat Was Crafted Using 55 Cuts Made By Laser Beam

When it comes to crafting innovative performance apparel, Vollebak is a brand whose product development stands second to none. That’s because, with each and every one of the London-based outfitter’s offerings, you’ll find a timeless design, some cutting-edge materials, and (of course) a quality that errs on the side of being overbuilt.

But that’s not to say that Vollebak is all flash and no function. On the contrary — as you’ll find with their latest piece — utility is non-negotiable. Dubbed the ‘Laser Cut Trench Coat,’ it’s effectively a modern reinterpretation of the military staple first developed during World War One. As such, it’s been given a revamp in true Vollebak style, with a construction boasting 55 individual laser beam cuts to shape its 3-layer Swiss material as well as a bonding technique that leaves the fabric’s raw edges exposed. In practice, this means that it’s both incredibly abrasion-resistant and waterproof while also offering some impressive ventilation. Finished off with a detachable storm flap and some eye-catching metal detailing, this is one drop you won’t want to miss. It’s set to go on sale starting on March 24th.

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