Survive -140°F Temps In Vollebak’s ‘Indestructible Puffer’ Dyneema Jacket

There’s a very short list of things in this world that are more resilient and invulnerable than the mighty cockroach. Dating back some 280M years to the Carboniferous era, these near-invincible insects can withstand everything from freezing conditions, to decapitations (for a month at least), to nuclear blasts. So when Vollebak recently set out to design a new, indestructible winter jacket, the London-based outfit looked to the venerable cockroach for their inspiration.

Fittingly christened the Indestructible Puffer, Vollebak’s wildly-rugged new jacket boasts an outer body made from Dyneema Black — a material that’s 15x stronger than steel and currently stands as the strongest fiber in the world. Weighing only 5.5lbs, the new jacket forgoes traditional down insulation in favor of 750 grams of synthetic fibers sourced from recycled half-liter plastic bottles — around 30 of which are used in the creation of each jacket. Rated for temperatures as low as -140°F, the Indestructible Puffer is bestowed with a pair of fleece-lined pockets, two hidden chest pockets, elastic cuffs and metal cord adjusters inside the hem, both with Cordura pull tabs, brushed fabric collar lining, and a heavy-duty two-way front zipper shielded by a storm flap secured via mate black brass press studs. Impervious to blunt impacts and even slashes from a knife, this jacket can stand up to almost anything you can throw at it. The Vollebak Indestructible Puffer drops on November 25, 2019 and is currently available for pre-order for $995.

Purchase: $995