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Vollebak Releases An ‘Indestructible’ Full-Dyneema All-Black Utility Jacket

Since the company’s inception in 2016, Vollebak has repeatedly proven that it’s one of the most innovative and envelope-pushing garment makers on earth, with its a few of its previous exploits including producing the world’s first Graphene jacket, making a biodegradable t-shirts from plant and algae, and an “Indestructible Puffer” jacket made from Dyneema and insulated using material made from recycled water bottles. Building off the foundation of its Indestructible Puffer, Vollebak has now introduced a similar, full-Dyneema-constructed offering with the new Indestructible Jacket.

Inspired by traditional hardwearing utility jackets, the Indestructible Jacket puts an ultra-rugged spin on the timeless garment, bestowing the men’s wardrobe classic with all-Dyneema Black construction which is 40% stronger than steel, 15-times stronger than high-strength aramid fibers, and even increases in strength when exposed to colder temperatures. Other features include a four-position collar, a pair of hidden zippered pockets, and heat-resistant, heavily-reinforced shatterproof corozo nut buttons. The Indestructible Jacket was also tested for abrasion-resistance and was found to not show any signs of damage after its wearer took a slide on pavement at over 30mph, and only showed very minor abrasions after a slide at over 60mph. Available now, the Vollebak Indestructible Jacket is priced at $645.

Purchase: $645