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Vollebak Travels Back To The Era Of Prehistoric Man With The Ice Age Fleece

Vollebak is one of the most notable names within the technical outerwear industry, and for good reason. The brand strives for consistent evolution, taking paths and byways that many gear and apparel providers are too afraid to traverse. As a result, they’ve been lauded for their innovative releases, setting themselves apart from the norm with cutting-edge interpretations of the space’s most sought-after items. Its most recent reveal, dubbed the Ice Age Fleece, is a testament to that fact.

Inspired by the greatest adventurer who ever lived, this unique outerwear piece takes us back to the era of prehistoric man. Driven to the edge during the onslaught of the ice age, humanity’s earliest kin were forced to flee from Africa’s Rift Valley. Calling upon years of experience in survival, hunting, architecture, and clothing, these nomadic people began to create warm, winter-resistant clothing from fur and hides, using bone needles, sinew, and plants to hold everything together. Now, thousands of years later, Vollebak has decided to channel prehistoric man’s survivalist spirit for a robust garment crafted from recycled sheep’s wool, synthetic lab wool, and biodegradable zippers. They’ve even thrown in a pair of hunter-gatherer pockets for those of you who yearn to live off the land. Head over to Vollebak’s website to join the waitlist for the $495 jacket.

Purchase: $495