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Vollebak’s Garbage Watch Is Built From Repurposed Antiquated E-Waste

“The Law of Accelerating Returns,” correctly poses that computer technology evolves at an exponential rate, making today’s cutting-edge tech tomorrow’s junk. Consequently, the vast majority of antiquated technology ends up in the trash — a phenomenon accelerated by planned obsolesce — resulting in some 50,000,000 tons of precious metals winding up at garbage dumps every year, so much so in fact that 7% of the world’s gold stems from e-waste. Fully aware of the inherent lack of sustainability involved in the electronics supply chain, England’s Vollebak has set out to rectify this situation through repurposing e-waste that would otherwise be destined for the landfill to create an incredibly unique timepiece christened the “Garbage Watch.”

Born out of a collaborative effort with Wallpaper* Magazine‘s ongoing Re-Made project, the Garbage Watch is composed of recovered and repurposed e-waste. An idiosyncratic amalgamation of analog and digital watches, this up-cycled timepiece boasts a skeleton-style dial with a sub-dial and various microchips on display, while its boxy case has been paired with what looks like recycled cables. Vollebak intends to continue developing the Garbage Watch over the following year, prior to the watch’s release that’s currently scheduled for 2021. For more information, check out the link below.

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