Vollebak’s Bacteria-Fighting ‘Full Metal Jacket’ Is Made From 65% Copper Thread

Copper, by all accounts, is a miracle material. The shimmery metal is one of the most important discoveries across the history of humanity, helping to pull us out of the stone age. And it’s still just as important today, if not more — used even by NASA is spacefaring gear and medical devices. Now, Vollebak has repurposed it into their exceptional Full Metal Jacket.

Don’t let the somewhat tongue-in-cheek name fool you — it’s a lot more literal than you might think. That’s because each of these jackets, which are available in either black or silver, is made with over 11km of copper threading — making up a whopping 65% of the coat’s construction. The rest of the jacket is made up of polyamide and polyurethane, together making it waterproof and windproof while still offering breathability and comfort. The best part of this unique outerwear, however, is that its copper actually makes it tremendously bacteria-resistant and can, in theory, help you stave off diseases — making it ideal for today’s world. This virus-combating body armor will cost a pretty penny, clocking in at a hefty $1,095 each. But answer this: how much are you willing to spend to keep yourself protected?

Purchase: $1,095