Vollebak’s Equator Shorts Are Designed For A Hotter, Harsher, More Humid World

Global temperatures have been on the rise for pretty much all of recent history, culminating in last month reportedly being the hottest on record since the tail end of the 1870s. To address this unfortunate reality, Vollebak released its Equator Shirt — an ultra-lightweight yet surprisingly durable garment engineered specifically for increasingly scorching climates. And after the initial success of the shirt, the immensely innovative outfit has announced the debut of a matching pair of Vollebak Equator Shorts.

Like the sun shirt, the Equator Shorts are incredibly lightweight and are crafted from the same ultra-soft and ultra-rare silk-like cotton from the Nile Delta that’s used to make the shirt. This cotton is paired with an equally fine nylon and elastane material to achieve better stretch and durability. What’s more, the Equator Shorts are also both wildly breathable and UV resistant, making them ideal for warm weather applications and tropical climates — an area furthered by the short’s advanced ventilation system which is comprised of more than 330 laser-cut vents. The Vollebak Equator Shorts are slated for a release in the coming days. Interested parties can sign up to join the waiting list for the shorts using the link below.

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