Vollebak’s Cocoon Jacket Provides Cozy Privacy For Deep Space Explorers

Few companies have the gumption to create outlandish garments for the sake of scientific application, but with Vollebak, it seems that the pursuit of innovative systems, fabrics, and textiles has been a constant source of inspiration. After releasing some of the industry’s most advanced outerwear pieces in 2019, the English outfit has set its sights on the next frontier of human discovery: space.

Vollebak’s newest venture arrives under the monicker of the “Deep Sleep Cocoon.” It adheres almost uncannily to the company’s environmentally-inspired approach, calling upon the resilient pillbug, or Armadillidiidae, to create an adaptable, self-contained microhabitat for wearers. As we traverse the boundaries of our universe, the need for restful rehabilitation will become inherently important; unfortunately, finding the perfect place to relax can be difficult with the variables of light, sound, and ambient temperature in play. To remedy this, Vollebak’s Deep Sleep Cocoon has been engineered as a protective outer layer similar to those used by arthropods, to promote physical and psychological comfort. If you’re interested in procuring one of your own for an impending trip into the bleak expanses of space, head to the company’s website to secure an example for $895.

Purchase: $895