Vollebak Condition Black Baselayer

When we consider buying new pieces of technical apparel, we usually just think about how the clothing will interact with our bodies. That is to say – we ask questions like “how breathable will it be, what is the cut like, and how weather resistant is it?”. Vollebak asked a completely different set of questions, and as a result ended up with a completely different type of base layer; the Condition Black.

What sets this thing apart from others on the market is the high tech fabric. The top of the base layer is impregnated with a special bombproof ceramic coating technology developed by a Swiss Textile company that is designed to reduce abrasion. It was designed to be extremely lightweight, yet tough enough to take whatever you can throw at it. Along with this great innovation, the layer promises to be incredibly flexible and breathable thanks to an elastic stitching. You can add this to your load out for $150. [Purchase]