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Vollebak’s Innovative Hoodie Is Woven With 60K Space-Age Ceramic Particles

Anytime the prodigal minds at Vollebak decide to announce a new, groundbreaking garment, we’re all ears. At this point, it seems that the company is well on its way to technical stardom, offering what we believe to be some of the finest, most interesting outerwear in the industry — and now, they’ve just bolstered their reputation even further with the Ceramic Hoodie.

Ceramics aren’t meant to be a part of everyday clothing. They’re used in military aircraft and missile nose cones — allowing them to slice through the air with ease — and can even be found 400km above the Earth, helping NASA’s rockets and the International Space Station to sustain impacts from micrometeoroids and orbital debris. Now, Vollebak has introduced these same characteristics into its newest hoodie, inspiring cutting-edge construction principles through the use of 60,000 tessellating matte black ceramic particles. Each of these particulates is thinner than a human hair and highly abrasion-resistant — a testament to their reputation as the second most durable material on earth. Tack on breathable and hydrophilic attributes, a comfortable four-way stretch, and soft-brushed fleece on its interior, and you’ve got one of the world’s finest pieces of outerwear; and, like all of Vollebak’s innovative offerings, a garment designed to the industry’s highest standard. Head to the company’s website to secure one of your own for $295.

Purchase: $295