Vollebak’s Blackout Relaxation Hoodie Makes Self-Isolation Simple & Stylish

In today’s climate, humanity has been ingrained with a newfound respect for personal space. Self-isolation and social distancing have forced us to find new and interesting ways to satiate our need for mental and emotional stimulation — but they’ve also taught us the importance of rest, self-care, and solace; all of which have served as the primary inspirators for Vollebak’s newly-announced Blackout Relaxation Hoodie.

This abnormal, but novel garment holds true to Vollebak’s innovative approach toward contemporary clothing, serving as a barrier between the wearer and the outside world thanks to its bizarre full-zip enclosure. And while the jacket itself isn’t a direct departure from the brand’s original Relaxation hoodie, the newly-introduced Blackout version is as timely as it’s ever been, allowing users to face the same psychological and physical challenges as mountaineers and astronauts have in the past; albeit, with a shadowy, post-apocalyptic twist. Various secure storage compartments complement the jacket’s enclosed, but ventilated headpiece, meaning that you’ll be able to stow your essential EDC items, and zip-up whenever the need arises. If you’re looking to take your isolation a little more seriously, head to Vollebak’s website, where you can join the wait-list for the Blackout Relaxation Hoodie, now.

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