Vollebak Black Squid Jacket

When it comes to extraordinary apparel, Vollebak is the brand to beat, as they go above and beyond to create true technical masterpieces. The innovative minds behind the outdoor company caught our attention with ease once again with the jaw-dropping Vollebak Black Squid Jacket.

Inspired by 500 million years of evolution that led to the squid, Vollebak created a jacket with adaptive camouflage to mimic the sea creature’s superpower. The ski and snowboard jacket adopts elements of the biological survival skill of the squid with its construction, involving two billion microscopic glass spheres embedded in resin on the surface of the apparel. When light strikes the functional jacket, it travels through the surface of the curved black glass spheres and reflects back to make the fabric appear luminescent. When you’re not under bright lights or the sun, the jacket is a subdued metallic black, yet you’ll see flashes of color, as you do in metal. Instead of blending into the surroundings, it highlights your position for safety purposes. The jacket is also fully waterproof, windproof, and constructed for extreme mobility. The color-changing technical jacket is available now for $995, but you’ll have to act fast if you want to get your hands on one.

Purchase: $995