Vollebak Black Light Visibility Gear

Vollebak, the skunkworks of the outdoor gear world, has rolled out yet another cutting edge release. Introducing the brand’s Black Light Visibility Gear.

Unlike the kind of high-visibility equipment we’re all used to seeing – featuring neon colors, big reflective strips, and cheap fabrics – this series from the London-based brand boasts an all black build on a series of high-end garments ranging from shirts to jackets. Rather than using the traditional, more gaudy approach to guaranteeing visibility, these clothes instead rely on a unique layout of matte black dot. Those dots 22 dots, which are made up of 60,000 black glass spheres, bounce light back at a viewer and make the wearer instantly recognizable as a person rather than just a bright, shiny object. And because these dots are all black, they don’t stick out like a soar thumb when you’re wearing them during the day. The collection includes a shirt, long sleeve shirt, mid layer, and jacket. All things said – another fun, innovative design from one of our favorite brands.

Purchase: $95+