Vollebak Unveils An Ultra-Sustainable Black Algae-Dyed Eucalyptus T-Shirt

Black has long been one of the most popular colors utilized in the clothing industry, though the lion’s share of garments that sport the hue contain petroleum-derived carbon black — a less-than-eco-friendly ingredient that’s been the global standard for a century. Recognizing carbon black’s lack of sustainability and widespread use, the innovative and envelope-pushing thinkers of Vollebak have developed a new dying method using black algae.

In order to deliver this novel production technique, Vollebak has introduced a black algae-dyed t-shirt that’s crafted from sustainably and ethically sourced pulped eucalyptus and beech. To create this technology, Vollebak partnered with US biomaterials company Living Ink to concoct a special thermo treatment that renders black algae into ink which is then printed onto each shirt. What’s more, this treatment also allows the algae to capture and lock in carbon dioxide, and is UV resistant, giving it the ability to retain its dark color for years without fading or degrading. The use of the algae also enables the shirt to be fully biodegradable within just 12 weeks of being returned to the earth, all while looking and feeling like a regular premium men’s tee. To learn more about this innovative offering or to join the waiting list to order, you can check out the Black Algae T-Shirt on Vollebak’s website linked below.

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