Vollebak 50,000BC Jacket

The challenges and dangers facing prehistoric man 50,000 years ago were brutal. When it comes to humanity’s adventurers, they remain the greatest to ever rumble with the tenacious terrain and elements Mother Nature has to offer, which is why Vollebak looked to the past for inspiration for their latest piece of ultra-tough apparel. The Vollebak 50,000BC Jacket is built to protect you in unlivable environments so you can explore and conquor the dark, untouched corners of the Earth.

Using Ice Age-proof construction, the technical jacket is built for the colonization of Earth and is ready to handle every terrain and temperature you could encounter. It’s engineered to be a heavy-duty second skin with a waterproof and windproof rugged outer membrane and an insulating, yet thermoregulating, Swiss wool interior. It’s capable of helping you survive a winter snowstorm, as well as the blazing heat of the sun. Even the triangular hood is crafted in a unique way, as it resembles the entrance of a cave. You can join the waiting list today for a chance to get your hands on this nomadic jacket when it drops later this month.

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