Vollebak Adds A Wind-, Water-, & Fire-Repellent Sweater To Its 100 Year Lineup

Vollebak is almost certainly the most innovative garment purveyor on the planet, with an ever-growing catalog of ultra-advanced, envelope-pushing products that employ novel materials and constructions and redefine our perception of what it means for a piece of clothing to be rugged, sustainable, or built-to-last. And after previously releasing its genuinely game-changing 100 Year Vest, 100 Year Pants, 100 Year Sweatpants, 100 Year Ski Pants, and 100 Year Hoodie, Vollebak has now applied its 100 Year formula to an unassuming crewneck sweater.

Though the company has yet to reveal what type of cutting-edge material the 100 Year Sweater will be composed of, we do know that this item will look and feel like a regular cotton fleece sweater, while boasting four-times better wind resistance. Even more impressive is the fact that the 100 Year Sweater will be able to repel both water and fire, bestowing an everyday clothing staple with military-grade levels of protection and durability. Unequivocally the toughest sweater the world has ever seen, the Vollebak 100 Year Sweater will be available in the coming months. Interested parties can sign up for the waiting list linked below.

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