Vollebak 100 Year Shorts

If you’re an outdoor adventurer, you probably already know the value in investing in tough gear and apparel, as lesser items can’t quite hold up to the punishment. But even top-tier technical gear still sometimes fails and needs replacement. Vollebak wasn’t satisfied with that prospect, however, which is why they’ve invented the 100 Year Shorts.

Made from the same military-grade supermaterial as their 100 Year Pants, these shorts are designed to take a beating and keep right on going. In fact, “100 Year” isn’t just a name, it’s a promise that these shorts will outlive you — thanks to their fireproof, water-repellant, abrasion-resistant Schoeller Bluesign-approved fabric combined with stainless steel detailing and a reinforced seat. But that wouldn’t mean much if they weren’t comfortable and functional for those hundred years, which is why they’re also breathable, boast a four-way stretch, and feature plenty of pockets for all your everyday carry — even a waterproof one to keep your high-tech stuff safe and sound. Pick up a pair today for $345.

Purchase: $345