Vollebak 100 Year Hoodie Zip-Up Edition

Vollebak prides itself on making adventure gear that looks to the future. Their 100 Year Hoodie truly encapsulates that mission, by promising a century-long lifespan. That’s one heck of a warranty. If it holds up, the 100 Year Hoodie Zip Up from Vollebak may prove to be the only item in your wardrobe that outlives you.

While the rest of your hoodies gather dust, gradually becoming moth eaten and obsolete, the 100 Year Hoodie will hang, resolute, ready to shield you from the corrosive toxic gasses of whatever post-apocalyptic atmosphere our future holds. All cynical prognostications aside, Vollebak’s 100 Year Hoodie is made to be resilient. Woven from aramid fibers – a material utilized in aerospace and military applications, for ballistic-rated body armor, in bicycle tires, even to reinforce the hulls of ships – this hoodie will brave any conditions the universe throws at you. Despite having a strength-to-weight ration five times stronger than steel, the 100 Year Hoodie is super comfortable. The wizards at Petratex, a highly technologically and technically advanced factory in Portugal, painstakingly weave each hoodie over the course of 28 weeks, to ensure its long lifespan, and abiding comfort. Large pockets allow travelers to protect their gear, too. If its name holds up, this isn’t just a hoodie – it’s a potential heirloom, for the travelers of tomorrow.

Purchase: $395