Vollebak’s Nearly-Indestructible 100 Year Hoodie Is Now Waterproof Too

Vollebak has made a habit of creating some of the most technically-innovative apparel the world has ever seen. Yet, even when nobody else in the industry can keep up with them, they keep making their gear better and better. For instance, their famed 100 Year Hoodie just went through another two years of R&D to become better than ever before.

For reference, the 100 Year Hoodie was already a legendary style staple with an exterior constructed from a three-layer fabric originally built for hardcore military usage — making it puncture- and slash-resistant, fireproof, windproof, and more. Yet it is still soft to the touch and comfortable enough for all-day wear. In fact, it’s so technically advanced that it actually takes 40 weeks to craft each one. Now, on top of all that, Version 3 is also waterproof — making this perhaps the ultimate go-to hooded jacket for any weather conditions and potentially the very last hoodie you’ll ever need or want to buy. Pick up one now for $495.

Purchase: $495