Volkswagen Electric Microbus

Volkswagen is set to introduce their newest VW model, called the Camper, an all-electric microbus van with a range of up to 310 miles.

The company will fully announce the new van during their January 5th keynote address at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Gary Shapiro, whose company produces CES, confirmed the concept van’s existence and note that it’s a “groundbreaking electric vehicle that will further illustrate the synergy between the Internet of Things and the automotive industry.” According to a Volkswagen spokesperson, the concept van will strongly resemble the original bus, with a boxy design and a front end with a very short overhang. The van will use front wheel drive, and will have a small motor up front and battery packs under the floor. Aside from Teslas, its 310 mile range would top every electric car currently available in the U.S. [Via]

Volkswagen Electric Microbus 2

Volkswagen Electric Microbus 3

Volkswagen Electric Microbus 4