Volkswagen Unveils The Utilitarian Caddy Mini-Camper

Volkswagen’s Commercial Vehicle branch has been crafting compact mobile living platforms for a decade and a half. Among the brand’s numerous models, the Caddy has served as one of its most prominent offerings, bringing buyers an intuitive, utilitarian van catered toward a life on the road. Now, VW has announced the next generation of the Caddy lineup — a refined companion known as the “Mini-Camper.”

The VW Caddy Mini-Camper might be an adaptation of the company’s pre-existing models, but that doesn’t make it any less notable. To give the vehicle its own identity, the brand’s engineers have included a panoramic glass roof (for enhanced stargazing capabilities), a two-meter-long bedding area, supplemented by comfort-focused disc-spring elements, and 19 different “assistance systems” that make day-to-day travel a pleasurable experience. For the first time ever, the Caddy has been outfitted with Travel Assist, Trailer Assist, Side Assist, and Rear Traffic alerts, helping drivers to remain safe, while still providing an intuitive outlet for those who enjoy their towing capabilities. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Volkswagen without one of the cleanest diesel engines in the world. Both a 73- and 120-horsepower model are available for purchase — each of which utilizes a new twin dosing system that significantly reduces overall nitrogen emissions. Keep your eyes peeled for more information about the camper van in early September.

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