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VW Shows Off A Working Prototype Of Its Autonomous EV Charging Robot

With plans to transition to a fully-electric vehicle lineup within the next decade or so, Volkswagen has been hard at work for the last few years, continuously developing its EV technology and steadily introducing a host of new proton-powered production models and concept cars from VW’s ID family. Freshly on the heels of the 2019 holiday season, Volkswagen also unveiled a digitally-rendered concept of a smart mobile robot capable of autonomously plugging in and charging electric vehicles.

And now, almost exactly a year after its initial unveiling, the German carmaker has revealed working prototypes of its parking lot-dwelling devices. While still not ready for production, VW is confident its smart charging robots will become an integral part of the rapidly-emerging EV charging infrastructure. The prototypes not only make for a markedly more convenient and user-friendly charging experience but will also allow traditional parking structures—and even home garages—to be converted and set up for EV charging at a fraction of the price of traditional wall-mounted units. To learn more about the project, you can check out Volkswagen’s full press release linked below, or watch VW’s video demonstrating how the system functions, also below.

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